Please contact your IT representative for guidance.

Start by checking with your IT representative to see if a loaner is available and configured for department staff. OIT has a limited number of laptops available that are intended to replace broken or failing devices and may not have sufficient stock for those who must work from home but do not have access to a computer. (Loaners for other equipment such as monitors or printers are not available.)

Using a Duke-owned device that has been configured to meet Duke’s security requirements is always the best alternative. If that option is not possible, the IT Security Office strongly recommends that you leverage your department’s computing support staff to make sure your personal machine complies with Duke’s requirements. Personal machines must have software updates applied, antivirus installed, and hard drives encrypted (if laptops).

Reimbursement for using a personal phone is determined at the department level. Check with your department administrator for your department’s policy. Please consider Jabber, a Duke-supported “softphone” application that allows you to receive and place calls on your computing or mobile device using your Duke telephone number. To learn more about Jabber and how to use it, visit our Jabber application page.

Check with your department for its policy.


Many software applications are available at no charge to Duke staff to use on Duke-related work. You can find and download these applications on the Duke Software site. If you have specialized software needs, you should check with your local department for availability.

Please visit the Technology section for details on options for video conferencing, collaboration, and file sharing.


Instructions are available to Forward Desktop Phone to Another Phone. You can also Set Call Forwarding Remotely.

If you do not have call forwarding set up or voicemail to email, instructions are available to check your voicemail remotely

Instructions are available for Communicating with Jabber.

Instructions are available to send Voicemail to Email.

Instructions are available for sending and receiving faxes by email and online using your phone, tablet or computer.


Visit the Duo page and watch the Duo Push for MFA set-up video.

  • Library resources
  • Departmental drives
  • Finesse
  • Remote desktop
  • SAP Gui
  • Duke Health users can find more information here –

Learn how to remotely access your desktop from home via a service like Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Personal Phones/Plans

You can use your personal phone as a mobile hotspot (also known as Wi-Fi tethering), connecting your laptop to it for Internet access.

Each carrier has a different plan and guidance. Once enabled, your phone can be activated by going to the settings and turning it into a hotspot. Your best bet is to check with your carrier to enable the feature. Be aware that there may be extra monthly charges when you do so.

You can contact your carrier quickly from your mobile phone by dialing 611. Remember that you must be the responsible party of the mobile phone and plan to request a change.

Once you have a plan that supports turning your phone into a mobile hotspot, here is how to do so for Apple and Google Android devices:

Duke Phones/Plans

Some Duke staff may have Duke-provided mobile phones with plans that have hotspot capabilities. To enable on your Duke device, refer to the links above. Please contact your departmental administrator for questions regarding mobile hotspots.